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Commercial property/Real Estate/Land Use

Our real estate practice is broad-based and comprehensive

Our real estate practice is broad-based and comprehensive. Our lawyers specialize in commercial property and real estate transfer and related matters representing owners, lenders, developers, investors and other major players in the real estate industry in the following areas:

  • Acquisitions and dispositions
  • Joint ventures, partnerships and equity investments
  • Financing, securitization and other capital markets transactions
  • Bankruptcy and restructuring work, including workouts and distressed real estate investment
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Development work
  • Commercial leasing
  • Real estate management
  • Tax matters
  • Construction claims and litigation

We represent clients in the development of complex, large-scale real estate projects throughout the country, including industrial premises, office blocks, manufacturing depots and retail units.

We involve in all aspects of a project, including land assemblage and acquisition, organizing and structuring transactions, joint venture structuring and financing, construction and mortgage, project development agreements, management of project space, and all other stages of project development.

Our land use practice encompasses all aspects affecting the use and development of land including relevant permits and approvals, establishment and maintenance of relationships with local governing bodies and administrators, as well as developers and municipal service.

Within these types of transactions, a series of issues may arise that lead up to the execution of an agreement. Ensuring that the rights to ownership in and to dispose of the property exist is amongst the matters upon which we have provided legal advice, in addition to protection and management of those rights.

We assist in tax, corporate and securities issues, litigation to manage all aspects of today’s sophisticated real estate transactions.

We practice in such areas as a lease, easements, emphitevzis, syperficies.

Our deep knowledge of the business of real estate allows us to add substantial value to any transaction in which we are involved.