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Corporate transactions/M&A

The ability to coordinate complex transactions successfully

Advising clients on acquisitions, restructurings and mergers is undoubtedly one of the firm’s most important areas of focus.

Corporate and M&A transactions are increasingly complex, often involving diverse areas of expertise, such as company, competition, tax, finance and labour law. In this respect, with a wealth of expertise at its disposal, we are able to provide clients with teams to oversee and provide counsel throughout the entire process, from due diligence to negotiation and from signing to closing of the transaction.

Every corporate transaction demands the right structure, careful risk analysis and forward planning to ensure that the projected value in the deal is realized. The antitrust, regulatory and governance issues must be understood. The finance, tax, employment requirements and security of property interests must be aligned with the strategic objectives of the deal.

The ability of our lawyers to coordinate complex transactions successfully, address regulatory requirements, prepare local documentation, advise on tax matters, assist in due diligence investigations and deliver the required legal opinions is an aspect of our practice.

We protect the value in the deal by using well-established processes to identify, analyze and mitigate the risks arising in corporate transactions. Our firm serves clients to assure that solutions are tailored to specific needs. Our legal service includes:

  • assisting in buying and selling business
  • legal due diligence
  • analysis of pending litigation
  • patent and trademark review
  • environmental audit
  • labor relations
  • analysis of regulatory compliance
  • tax planning and reporting
  • securities law compliance, registration, and reporting
  • guidance on complying with competition law
  • corporate governance issues
  • litigation and dispute resolution