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Corporate governance

extensive experience in the corporate governance area

Our lawyers have extensive experience in the corporate governance area and have provided counsel on a wide scope of matters, ranging from guidance on applicable regulatory regimes of business activity to assisting in the development of effective compliance programs.


With enhanced regulatory standards at the state level, the liabilities associated with corporate governance and oversight has intensified. Even small matters can spin out of control in company that lacks sound oversight practices and a well-considered plan for managing compliance.

As part of our general representation of clients, we regularly review and prepare internal corporate policies addressing legal and governance matters. We have prepared and assisted in considerations of companies’ constitutions, employment contracts and companies’ by-laws. We advise on the full range of relevant issues.

Our task is to ensure that shareholders’ interests are properly protected and trustees’ responsibilities are duly structured. The value of our advice is realized when shareholders are in dispute. The dispute is generally avoided due to professional preparation of corporate documentation.

We counsel on all aspects of corporate leadership, management, public reporting, and litigation defence. We help companies anticipate, detect, manage and avoid problems whenever possible and our response to litigation or enforcement activity is swift and effective.

We have provided corporate legal advice in respect to:

  • company formation and support of shares issuance
  • company management
  • setting up joint venture entities
  • development of compliance programs
  • board of directors and oversight bodies composition, practices, and procedures
  • directors’ duties and responsibilities
  • revising existing companies’ programs, policies, and procedures
  • drafting companies’ by-laws
  • securing property interests
  • risk management
  • employment matters
  • defending company in court and government enforcement proceedings
  • restructurings and reorganization
  • liquidation