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Commercial agreements

We support business in a variety of ways

We have accumulated significant knowledge and experience providing contract oriented legal advice. Our team has dedicated commercial lawyers who are working on deals ranging from straightforward agreements to complex multi-party projects spanning multiple jurisdictions.

Our company has assisted in advising a wide range of business in a number of sectors and industries, including manufacturing, financial institutions, marketing, trading, banking, insurance, construction, media as well as has handled major projects for companies across sectors.

We support business in a variety of ways. We work with clients to structure and document commercial relationships, we draft the range of documents necessary to create and preserve these relationships, negotiate contracts, advise on contractual risk, regulatory compliance, enforceability of contracts, managing of liability.

Our advice covers all kinds of commercial agreements including purchase and supply, agency and distribution, franchise, logistics and warehousing, assets management, commercial outsourcing, joint ventures. We represent clients at all points in the manufacture, supply, procurement and distribution chain.

Our legal advice focused on the affect of the law in documents and ascertaining whether objectives and expectations are met in those documents. We use a practical approach to transactions, which enable to exercise agreement and enforce it if the need arises.

We dedicated to efficient and reliable deal execution. We perform post-contract management and administration, give legal advice in formulating claims and resolving disputes.